Monday, 15 August 2016

Lure Bucket - A step by step guide on building your own.

Something a little different....

For my larger lures I carry them around in a bucket, have been doing it for a few years & this is because I see that the average lure orientated luggage, isn't suffice.

A bucket with stickers
Yeah, you could say that the luggage come with boxes or that the pouch is ideal for the traces and little bits & bobs in the terminal side of things. But bear in mind you are probably carrying lure no more than an ounce (28g) in them. Anything bigger tends to become cumbersome and take a whole load of space in them boxes, probably getting about 4-5 baits in there. then you have your tools, the bigger pliers, the knipex bolt croppers and then the little tub of spare 1/0 or 2/0 hooks and matching split rings.

This is where I think the buckets reign supreme, you can carry a whole load of baits, hooks, tools, bottle of water or a small flask.

The first time I saw a bucket being used was with a fellow LAS member, of whom I get a lot of my inspiration from. I actually asked him to make me one, as I didn't have a clue where to start with building my own!

I'm now at that stage where I am am capable of making my own buckets, all for probably less than £4.00! so I'll show you how its done..

Materials list

 -Builder Bucket (£1.00) - I use the ones from my local B&M store as I find it to be perfect with it being shorter but also wider than you average wilko bucket.

- 1.1lt wilko clip tight tub (£1.50)

- Wilko nuts and bolts (£0.99) 

- Wilko washers (£1.10)

- Zip ties (£0.99)  

- Stickers (£ N/A)

- You'll Also need a drill, to obviously make the holes.

Step 1 - Start by making an hole in the center of the wilko clip tight tub base 

Step 2 - Make sure that the diameter of the hole is a little tight for the nut, it'll help as once the nut is screwed in, it will thread itself within the plastic.
Step 3 - Drill the centre of the base of the bucket and also add a few more scattered across the base, as it'll help drain any excess water from the wet lures or if you get caught in the rain. you'll also need to make a load of holes at the lip/top of the bucket too, so you'll have somewhere to hang the baits.

Step 4 -Thread the bolt through the base of the bucket but also add a washer as this will help prevent ant cranks from happening with any stress around the bolt.

Step 5 - With the bolt threaded through now attach the nut, I tighten it to a pinched tight with my hands (a washer acting like a flat point screwdriver helps keep the bolt still as everything is being tightened)

Step 6 - Attach a couple of zip ties around the hinges of the bucket, they'll help keep the tools in place.

Step 7 - Start adding the bits and paces, pliers here, tub of spares there....
Step 8 - Finally add the lures and hey presto! All in 10 minutes work

I hope you've found it helpful?


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lurefair 2016

Just a heads up for all you lot if you are unaware...

Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 2016

Throughout the new year and January, the fishing has still been a bit of a struggle, The rivers are still up and the canal/s we fish seem to have gone very very quiet with no presence of the zander at all and the only fish we've seen were when Ian managed a few tiddler perch on the dropshot.

 On January 16th, we decided to fish a still water,  although the first quarter of that session was a struggle we started to see a bit of action with a odd fish here & there following the bait in, but showing no signs of 'actual' interest at all. That was until Ian had a follow on his jerkbait/Squirrely burt by ''two big perch'' (his words not mine!). Fortunatly for me I had my 3g/12g Finezze rod and some smaller baits to go, so I decided to hang around flicking some 3.5'' cane thumper shads. 

We were there for around 15mins before we got talking about moving onto the next lot of swims over on the other side of the venue. suddenly I had a great thump on the end of my line and it began towing to the right, I though it was a jack with the way the fish had hit the baits but as I started to draw it closer I had the signature 'thump' thump' thump' of the perch. 

& oh my, what a perch indeed, when we saw the flash of stripes and red fins, Ian bolted to his net which was on the bank. Thankfully I had mine in the water with me, resting along some reeds (we were shallow wading). I gently scooped the fish into the net and told Ian ''not to worry' about his net as it wasn't needed no more.

2lbs 8oz Perch

Pleased to say that this is a fish which I am most happy with, especially when we consider how the fishing had been up to that day. Here's hoping that February picks up again and that the rivers will settle down again before the close season begins in March.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

19/12/2015 - PB Canal Perch

This winter I have set myself a challenge of catching perch (the biggest I can get) using small (perch like) baits. so far it has been going pretty poor, with the heavy rain we've had (& has cased sever flooding in the northern counties) the main rivers have been somewhat un-fishable. 

So me and Ian have been focusing on the canals, and to some extent we've had success with the zander, occasional perch and odd pike. Back on the 19th Dec me and Ian fished a canal for a few hours, the session started fine, odd little perch from the usual features. 

I was using one of my 2.5'' Dragon-V Bandits in a yellow/orange colour that I have quickly become fond of, as they're such a really nice bait to use (and ain't that bad on price either). twitching it along the bottom of the canal and as it came into view this perch shot out of nowhere and hit the bait. 
at first I though it was about a pound (lbs) but no, it was a pound and three quarters (1lb 12oz) my best from a canal yet!

PB canal perch
 It looks a proper veteran of a fish, even the colours on it are not as vibrant as the camera makes out.

All in all, not bad not bad at all..

Saturday, 5 December 2015

05/12/2015 - PB Zander

I'm itching to get on the rivers but at this rate it'll be new year before they settle back down again...
On the brighter note... despite the wind and conditions, I managed to break the Zander PB today! so I'm happy with that result. 

I had another (smaller) a while later, missed what I believe was a good perch and also had several follows thereafter.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Dusting down the blog..... 17/10/2015

Hi All, 

Just dusting down the blog and rather go into the great detail of whats been happening over this past year I'd sooner keep it sweet and in short.

My life has had a change. After completing a 6 month Jobcentre programme, I managed to gain employment back in June with the programme providers themselves. That sadly came to an end when I was given notice of redundancy in July. August was spent looking,applying and being interviewed and at the end I got a phone call saying that my last interview was a success! I'm now administrator of a huge several million pounds lottery funded programme to help those hard to reach people get the best in life. Been there since the second week in Sept and already loving it. Hours are good as I get a three day weekend, Pay is the 'living wage' so that another plus, colleagues are awesome and my line manager is one heck of a guy!  I've now got the capacity to start doing the driving lessons & I've even upgraded the odd bit of kit too. 

Fishing wise: like anything it has its ups and downs but had some fun with a couple of chub and a few perch over the warmer months. I guess the saying ''pictures speak louder than words'' comes into play here. I'll add a few of the highlights.

PB pike

2lbs Perch

4lbs Chub

2lbs perch

I'll be doing a bit of work on the blog soon, just to spruce it up a bit so I hope you hang around. 

Alex Makk

Sunday, 24 August 2014

23/08/2014 - Another PB

Yesterdays session resulted in a couple of PB's between me and Ian, 

The fishing for me was considerably slow throughout most of the day, at the beginning of the session we started out where the river runs a tad slower and is also deeper as I wanted to see how my Curado 301E goes with the likes of bigger stuff (glidebaits, replicants etc.) and even then I only had a few halfhearted takes from jacks. After covering this stretch within the space of an hour, we had a quick breather and assessed the situation and what we'd had between us I had sod all whilst I believe Ian managed a perch or two. The river was in good condition, the clarity almost gin clear and there were plenty of the smaller fish around. We decided to move to another part a couple miles away and rethink our approach. I decided to do a two rod approach with my shinjin b/cast and my 3g/18g bushwhacker, and Ian took his basspro b/cast and his dragon 3g/18g. Instead of going our usual way on this stretch, we decided to take a different route just for a bit of exploration to parts we'd yet to cover.

We both covered what we could as a lot of the bankside was a bit out of our comfort zone (high nettles and steep almost near vertical drop of several feet on some parts of bankside). I did have a couple of follow from a small shoal of curious perch followed shortly after by a follow from a larger perch. As we made our way to where we started, we bumped into a familiar face. Steve had been at this area a short while and had already had a few perch for himself. After a chat and a quick drink, we decided to carry on back to where we started with Steve accompanying us. The topic of chub came up and we stopped off at a part as steve was teaching us a thing or two with chub i.e. where they most likely to be and some of their habits/traits such as patrolling a drop during their feeding spell or keeping tucked under the overhanging vegetation on the far bank.

I soon put that into practice using the little alphabet baits from Mark, and after a dozen or so casts towards the far bank. I soon had a sudden sharp tug and felt a tugging weight on the other end of my line, A quick shout to those two that I was onto a fish made them aware and Ian grabbed the net ready, I was soon graced with a nice new PB chub of 3lb 12oz.  

The new PB chub of 3lb 12oz

But wait, there's more...

I moved further downstream, swapping my little alphabet for a different patter and flicked it under some overhanging trees and felt another sudden sharp tug and weight pulling and lunging. Another chub! This time slightly larger that the previous one so I knew instantly that this is another PB. A quick whistle to Steve as he was nearest to me. As he asked what's up this time I told him that I'd like him for taking a couple of quick pictures as I've yet again broke the Chub PB in space of quarter of an hour.  

4lb 2oz Chub graces the net! New PB for me

4lb 2oz Chub
 Ian came along to see what the commotion was about and he congratulated me on my new PB, I told him to start casting towards an area as I was packing the scales and unhooking tools away and instantly he was onto a fish.

Ian's PB Chub of 4lb 6oz
After the release of Ian's new PB I noticed his bait was back into the water quicker than I could say ''chub'' and soon enough he was on another smaller fish of 3lb 2oz. It soon went quiet and that was what we were left with the rest of the session.

I found it quiet unusual that there were no perch showing  any interest especially with my recent fish I've had but I guess they have their ''off'' days too. Hopefully now I properly know how to approach the like of chub, you should see more of them included in future posts.