Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First Blogg and new reel

Well this is my first Blogg,
I had a delivery today, I had ordered a reel which was recommended to me. I am not a money full person (NO JOB)! so it was just in my budget. Perfect at £23 i could not argue for the quality and price of a Shimano Alivio 2500RB Off Ebay.
It has 2 Ball Bearings
1-roller and 1 standard. It does not come with spare spool BUT they are cheap enough off the internet. It looks like a good reel that will last. At the weekend I'm off on the water. and to try the reel out. I'm also going to try hemp seed for the very first time as well.


  1. Great reel Alex, And i know you will do well at the weekend, I am already looking forward to your report,

  2. Hi paddy, let me welcome you to my blogg :)
    Oh YES the weekend looks the best time to test out the reel and the hemp, I will report back on both of em.

  3. Hi alex, I am Paddy's son, And he has just set things up for me to follow your Blog, Good luck with your blogging and Brick Laying,

  4. Hi Allister, welcome to my blogg,
    it will be interesting.

  5. Hi Alex, this blog looks really good. Well done!

  6. Hi Anne,
    let me Welcome you to my blogg.
    thanks for the comment.