Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Bream for me, A carp for you.

I had planned to fish the float with Bazz for today(Sun). I got picket up at about 8:05am this morning and we set off to a venue recommended By 'Trent Piker'. We arrived and we had a quick 'recce' and chat to the bailiff on any likely spots for catching, and within 5 mins we were setting up the rods, i fished one rod, and Bazz fished two, he had tackled up (what I would class) medium method setup (A 1.5lb barbel rod and alarms, swinger etc.) and a float rod. I was still tackling up and withing a few moments Bazz was in his first fish. I cracked on with gearing up and the line soon was hitting the water. I also hooked my first fish of the day and it was only a skimmer, we carried on for about an hour and half and then Bazz's Alarms were soon screaming, he jumped like an acrobat and struck with the rod. he had a good 10mins playing the fish(As well as telling at me to position the net) he had played a 'scrapper of a carp'The guesstimate was about 6lb(It's also Bazz's new PB on the carp). After a good half hour i was soon into a maturing bream just getting too a pound in weight, (and that My new PB for a bream) i was soon into some smaller fish such as skimmers, perch and roach. Bazz also was hooking a few but some were shaking the hook out. We ended the session at about 3:30pm as we both had matters at home or we'd stay longer.
I enjoyed the day and I'm sure Bazz did too. I would like to thank 'Trent Piker' for recommending the venue. I am sure we will be returning there in the future.


  1. I think its great that the two of you can get out there fishing, And a new PB for you Alex, Well done on that, And Bazz with a nice carp as well, But no Rodents at this Venue, Well you cant have every thing can you, Well done Guys,

  2. Good fishing, lads! nice to see someone's catching.