Saturday, 26 June 2010

My new PB carp.

My smile says it all, or maybe not. we had returned to the venue where bazz caught the small carp, but this time we came for carp. I got picked up at about 8:00am and we stopped at a tackle box as bazz needed a few bits 'n' pieces. and once again we were on the road, we soon arrived and paid for the day-tickets and geared up. I had helped bazz set up a safety bolt rig as he had not used a set in the past, yet I seemed to have the hang of it. i tried sweetcorn then hot dog, and nothing, although i got a odd beep from the sweetcorn(probably smaller fish pecking at it) and i soon opted for Bazz's halibut pellets and luncheon meat for the rest. at about 10:00am the alarms started to have the occasional beep. and then it went onto missed/dropped runs, which was soon taking place after we sat down from the last one. the sun was blazing and a slight breeze cooled us down, it was at about 11:00 and i had said I'm going to check the bait on my setup but it looked like something was already checking, my alarm went screaming and i struck into the rod and started to wind in with my reel, i thought i had a dropped run but as the line started to tighten i new i was in for a good scrap. for about 5 mins i was playing the fish on barbless hooks, trying not to let the line slack. he was soon into the net and on the mat. I unhooked him and let him back to fight another day. That was my first and last fish on my side of the bank for the rest of the day, But on a good note it had blessed my wychwood reaction 3lb tc and my shimano ST6000RA in the meantime bazz was getting some attention at his side of the bank, he had more runs than me and he also landed much smaller fish.
it came on for about 4:15 and we decided to wrap up, I had put my last rod away for about 4:30 and we headed off home,
I hope next time will be just as good and productive.


  1. Yeeeeeeeaaaaa Thats a cracker Alex, What a great Picture, And a top Carp, Well done mate, Bet you are Buzzzzzzzzzzin,

  2. well I am 'Buzzing' paddy, and it was an excellent day. I know now that halibut pellets are a must for future carping.