Wednesday, 2 June 2010

RE: back on the game

Well I mentioned yesterday that i'm fishing today, and Guess what................

I woke up screaming........... Literally, My dad came to see if i was ok, (spooked in sleep?????) i soon was tossing and turning in bed but i still got a few hours back........
At around 6:00am I got out of bed and prepared myself,

I got ready and looked out and the weather was like this.............

I soon went back in as i wanted to get breakfast on, (and the kettle). A bacon Butty..........and strong tea...........'I think you cannot beat a good, quick breakfast.
I soon loaded the car and arrived at one of my club waters. and got tackled up, Baited, etc. After about half an hour i soon had roach on the end of my rod, I soon noticed i was thanks to the hemp as loosefeed. at around 10:00 i had a visitor..............................
Looks like my cheese paste was good for something, hehe.
It was beginning to come on lunch time and i though a break from holding the rod was needed. I also took a picture of my peg..
The after noon was hell, reason being is that the pike soon found my swim as a restaurant..... quiet a few decent skimmers were being taken off me....thanks to the pike. But they soon had their fill. and it was just the odd perch, all the skimmers and roach seemed to have gone.......

My little Shimano Alivio 2500RB reel has earned it's place in my tackle bag, The hemp is also earned a place in my baitbox................
Dispite having a rough week, i think today has been well earned.
I feel loads better and i want to get back on the pond ASAP !


  1. Well done Alex, You deserved a good day's fishing, Helps clear your mind, Glad you caught plenty, And used the hemp, I see your little friend is tucking into somthing nice to,Was it realy your cheese paste haha,

  2. Cheers paddy,

    I'm Feeling loads better,
    The hemp was ACE!!
    Yes it was my home-made cheese paste he was tucking into.......

  3. hahaha Its great when the wild life start coming to you, Its a good sign that everything is ok

  4. oh yes, i think us anglers see more wildlife that the bbc nature watch LoL, the pond where i took bazz is home to a pair of kingfisher and the odd kite, as well as aquatics and mammals, on one of my other club waters there is a very friendly robin redbreast that takes maggot out your hand..........

  5. Looks like you were honoured by a water vole, they are getting quite scarce. I'm sure its not a rat as rats have a scaley tail & Voles have munchkin cheeks and are rounder (like this one).
    Kites..? Are you sure they are not Buzzards? KItes are rare around here.
    Keep up the good work, pass on some of your enthusiasm to Trent Piker & I, we need a little....!

  6. smitbar..? Fear not, its me, Bazz!

  7. Hey bazz,
    Thanks for viewing and commenting on my blogg,
    well the bailiff says its a kite so do a few other anglers, (a bright brown and the size of a city pidgeon).
    The water vole was a very jumpy little fella.
    he didnt have a scaley tail more smooth texture.

  8. A Kite is pretty big, similar rusty brown colour with a fair amount of grey on it too. The dead giveaway is its forked tail...