Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another PB

Started a bit late, at around 09:30am with the waggler, my chosen bait was maggot and loosefed hempseed. I arrived at one of my club waters. for the first half i was just having small roach,skimmer and perch. but at around 11:00am it started to rain and thunder, i soon hooked a decent roach to about 1lb, it soon got quiet and the small storm soon passed so i decided to move after my lunch. i was pegged near some lilies and was catching very small perch. at around 3:00pm i noticed my float shoot right under the bed of plants and i lifted and felt a good tug on the other end of the line, at first i thought it was a small carp, but i soon noticed orange eyes, it was a TENCH. My god did that fish put up a fight, it was trying to snag me by any means necessary, NOTE: i was using 4lb mainline, 2.6lb bottom and a size 18 barbless. But luck was on my side, i gave one good tug towards the net and success! the fish was landed
Weighing in at 5lb this tench is a new PB.


  1. Well Done Alex, Always nice to get a new personal best, And those tinkers your catching are as dark as the one i caught, Top Fishing mate,

  2. Aye paddy,
    it is nice, the best bit of getting a new PB it how the day went when your back home having a bath from handling smelly slimy fish and maggot (in my books its usally crap weather and a very poor start.)