Saturday, 28 August 2010


March was the last time I had taken deadbaits fishing, this was on a forum fish-in in Barton, since then i have been gathering some tackle, pike swinger, tackle boxes, all pikey things so that when the traditional season opens all I have to stock in is Bait,
On Thursday i had a little brainstorm,. with the recent cold weather why not start early?. I had all i need in, except some Bait. So on Friday i went to tackle shop and brought some Lamprey and smelt.

I had arrived to my members water this morning at around 9:00am and started to fish a lake i had not fished before, It has a reputation for being the pond that holds some nice Pike,Bream and Carp.
My Fox Micron M2 soon started to buzz and unfortunately i either struck to late or to soon. and instead of a fish i dragged up weed. all wrapped around my ledger stem and weight. so a quick clean up, rebait and another cast in it went. But it wasnt log untill it was going off again, this time it another angler 2 pegs down from me had entangled in my 'axies'(my term for swim) and we soon got ourselves sorted. it came to around 11:55am and and i had a single 'beep' and the wind picked up.
I came on to around 1:40pm and a short gust of wind blew, making both buzzer sound, but my pike swinger dropped and Fox Micron MX2 was still screaming.
I soon struck and was into a Pike tempted by a bloody lamprey.
Weighing in at around 12lb, this is not only My first bait-caught pike BUT also a Personal Best.
Whilst unhooking, i noticed another strand of tracewire under the gill rakers, i gently eased it away leaving the rakers untouched, but it soon lead down to the throat of the fish, (It had been deeped hooked and the snap trace was left in) This is caused my carelessness of an angler. I attempted to retrieve the snap trace but could not, so i snipped at the excess and nursed the fish in the water, it soon swam out of my grip and i pray for the best of the fine specimen.
I really Don't want to have to come across a scenario like that again,
Please dont take that as a jest, But as a warning.
I'd rather play safe that sorry,


  1. Thats a cracker of a Pike Alex, Well done my friend,
    And you will come accross Fish in this condition as you go through life, And believe it or not you will find the way to remove the treble that has been swollowed, Had i been there i could have shown you how to use 2 pairs of pliers to retrieve the treble,
    Its not hard to learn, And it can help the pike live a long and happy life, I will run you through it on the forum Alex, And maybe a couple of other lads have there ideas also, But it was still a great Fish to catch mate,
    Well done again,

  2. Thanks Paddy,
    you are welcome anytime to come and have a session with me on one of my locals. maybe you would show me something new and me do the same 'visa versa'
    And Kookie,