Thursday, 5 August 2010

Just one of them days.

Well yesterday i prepared myself to a session on the waggler,
I returned to the peg where i had caught the tench last session hoping for another decent day.
started off poor, rough on my presentation with only a juvenile perch taking the bait. It came to about dinner then i started to cast in different areas just to get bites. it was cast here then there, until about 3:35pm when changed hook and added the last of my maggots, i took one long cast and the float landed spot in the middle of the lake then wham i was playing a decent fish, but unfortunately it won and smashed my tackle my rig was in the middle of the lake. eek no hope of retrieving my float. as i packed up i inspected my rod and i found this..........
So that could be a likely cause for loosing that fish.........................what these do is help to keep your line undamaged, if one of these is broken you have a useless rod and a high chance of the line snapping. Its a shame really, it was a rod from dragon carp which I had for Christmas. it had served me well, but i dont think i can get another unless i can replace the eye???

And to top that up i had my apprenticeship letter today and the people think I am an eastern european and are asking for my passport and listed me down for asylum and immigration act.....................? oh well, Its just one of them days.


  1. I had the same happen to the tip ring on one of my rods, I took it into Victoria Tackle in Netherfield and the chap there replaced it while I waited, did a first class job and only charged me £2.50 all in. Good as new.

    As for losing fish, make sure you set the clutch on the reel so that a fish can take line if it runs or a big fish will snap you every time.

    Hope you get your work permit sorted soom ;)

    Wszystkiego najlepszego

  2. Wszystkiego najlepszego - It's not My Birthday until march next year dazz, Lol
    i thought victoria tackle closed some time ago.????? at least i now have an excuse to get a new rod.

  3. Victoria tackle moved but is still in Netherfield & open, good shop..
    Its not difficult to whip a new eye on, I use black serving thread (used on archery strings) & mix epoxy (Araldite is OK) & coat with a thin layer, job's a good 'un..

  4. Cor blimy Alex i thought i was the only one on the planet that had lost a great fish after the ring had cut through the line, But these things happen, And its not hard to replace the eye, Just need a little patience, Then watch YouTube,

    Can you prove your English by the way haha,
    Wszystkiego najlepszego,
    Cheers Mate,

  5. well, paddy, me no speaky english, LOln damn
    I'm off to Ingoldmells on thursday with my last bonous from college(they have stopped giving them from sept) so i might just snoop around for a new rod, and some rainbow rock.