Sunday, 29 August 2010

Not breaking a bank

For me £70 is a lot of cash, especially when I have been on a £20 a week income through college, its more than three weeks savings. And to spend it on some fishing tackle I not know where to start, new rod, reel maybe, the list is endless. I had been searching endless websites, reviews and sources of information to find a rod, reel combination for pike or carp fishing. But there are too many that are either; out of my budget/ not what I need or just utter rubbish. Many anglers have the same problem and to the beginner it is a nightmare. The things an angler would look out for when purchasing tackle is:

PRICE- does it fit the individual’s budget.

QUALITY- is the tackle well made.

POURPOSE - for what type of fishing and species

EXPECTATIONS - what is expected from the tackle?

Wychwood Reaction 3lb carp rod.

Priced around £30-£40, this rod ticks all my boxes. Weighing only a few ponds it is light as a feather for its size. Full carbon slim blanks with quality lined eyes, and spigot joints

At 12ft in length it breaks down into two 6ft sections. Pike into double figures, and 8lb mirror carp have been played on this rod, without any worries and concerns, a very good purchase indeed.

Shimano ST6000RA Baitrunner

To say it only has 2 Ball-bearings it feels as if it had 5. very smooth and well £40 from Argos i cannot argue, I have seen the priced at £60!! BUT the only let down is that the reel does not have a spare spool (I use mono and braid as mainline) If Shimano added a spare spool to the reel i think they would be ACE!! The spool can be brought but for an extra tenner off eBay


Well, £40+£30=£70 am I correct? i believe that is a price tag that is not braking the bank. especially for decent tackle.


  1. Great write up Alex,
    I am glad your new Wychwood carp rod And Shimano ST6000RA Reel are working so well for you, And your right, At that price not many people can complain, It will be nice to see just how long these items last you, Probably last Years,
    Thanks for the review mate,

  2. No problem Paddy, glad it's done some justice.