Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tackle Tart or well equipped?

Had A deadbait session today at my members water, at first i fished 1 rod with a float ledger and the other just ledger(Alarm). I was having difficulty with the float ledger so i swapped for a ledger(Alarm) was quiet cold and windy with the weather, I didn't bank any fish but i still enjoyed the day as it got me out the house and some fresh air down my neck.
So i though I'd do a post showing off my pike tackle.
Most of my family ask the same question each time i purchase tackle........." haven't you got enough?" my common answer is no, as well as giving the excuse that it would help me with my rigs, technique etc.

-Some rig tubing,
2- pocket knives,
-A lighter,
-A baiting needle,
- Various specimen butt and rod rests,
-A pair of Spro crimping pliers,
- A pair of wire snips,
- scissors,

- Size 8 swivels,
- safe-lok snaps,
-Beads 5mm & 8mm,
-Run rings and buffer beads,
- spool of power gum,
- 2 rings of stops,
- Semi-Barbed treble Hooks in sizes: 4, 6 & 8,
- some heat shrink tubing,
- Twiddling stick,
- Small bright LED torch(incase it's dark),
- Strong magnet(if anything small like swivels fall on ground)

- A Fox Micron M2,
- A Fox Micron MX2,
- Spare batteries,
2 - Fox Predator Pike swingers,
- Spool of 30lb fox Carboflex trace wire,
- Spool of 30plus 28lb seven strand trace wire,
4 - Pike slider floats,
-Several weights ranging from 3.5oz to 4oz,

1-Wychwood reachtion 3lb carp rod,
1-Wychwood rouge x 2.75lb carp rod,
1-Shimano ST6000RA baitrunner
1-Okuma Latitude LD60 big pit reel,
- Both reels are Spooled with 15lb Line,
-A 30 plus quiver holdall,
-Various adjustable banksticks,
-A 42'' specimen landing net and handle,
-A carryall,
-A unhooking mat,
- A Fox warrior chair(very Comfy),
- Fox rig bin,

I would Advise to people that if you cannot afford all the tackle at once, buy bits 'n' bobs each time you take a stroll into a tackle shop. Before you know it you will be ready to go.


  1. Alex mate your not a tackle tart, Your on your way though haha, I used to have that much stuff i needed a trailer to carry it all on haha, You do have some top kit to mate,
    Well done,

  2. Cheers Paddy, It looks like I will need a pick-up truck if I carry on getting tackle hahaha. the only problem is that I don't have a lisence.