Sunday, 3 October 2010

Biscuits and gravy.

Well I have had a new waggler rod, from my dad, they are usally priced around £30-£40 but this one was only £33 DELIVERED! armed with maggot,groundbait and my tackle I tried it out on saturday (BEST DAY FOR DECENT WEATHER) combined with my Shimano Alivio 2500RB reel,
these two together make a nice combo, the rod is ideal for most float situations and 'tippy' for fast strikes when your float goes under, and the reel still plays to it's name. despite the recent rain the venue i had fished was flooded to the tips of the bank the water was like gravy and I still managed to catch only a dozen little perch and roach and came back early due to a bad headace and me feeling 'iffy' all in all a good combo, i do think though my reel could be better with some spare spools i have only got one with some 6lb line, i could do with my line being lighter at around 4lb for float (to increase my cath rate). and 6lb for my 10ft feeder/quivertip rod.

Till next Time,
AKA. MrMakk


  1. Well done Alex, Bet your dad was made up that you caught some good fish with the new rod,

  2. thanks,
    dad is not keen on fishing. so I really cannot tell you.