Friday, 12 November 2010

conquering hard ground

it's been a while since in have last blogged....... anyway,

i have had a few fishing sessions in my absence,

one was at a resvouir on my 10ft feeder with bazz and we had caught a few fish between us bazz had been fishing for carp, and caught a good roach on a size 6 hair rigged with sweetcorn. the other place we fished at a selection of gravel pits. i had used float ledgerd lamprey and a ledgerd pollan, i had only 1 run on the lamprey and the fish shook loose at the tip of the bank.

the place we had caught the greedy road had some concrete pegs....(bad for banksticks.) bazz used a pod while i was in the middle of two pegs(soft ground). we have plans to return to the venue in the near future and i'm concerned about the ground, so i done some digging(no, not with a JCB i aquired off site) on the internet and orderd myself my first pod.

A Nash H-Gun 2 rod pod

comes well padded and just what i expected

It is perfect for my rear swingersn and is very light, metal and should hel;p with some hard ground

hopefully it will be feild tested this weekend.
till next time,
AKA. MrMakk

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  1. Well done alex and Bazz, You have done well Alex, The rod pod you have bought is a good one, You wont have any complaints about the use of it,
    Good luck Alex, Please say hello to Bazz for me,