Sunday, 12 December 2010

RE: conquering hard ground

well Here is my pod in action back in November, Me and Bazz were having a session at a res. As you can see I was fishing one rod ledger, and the other a float ledger, and the swinger fit perfect...........

Bazz was fishing both ledger, and had 4 runs, With two dropped on a joey and landing two jack pike on sardine. myself on the other hand was fishing with a lamprey and a joey,(Didn't have any sardine) It wasn't long before I had two runs on the joey(likely same fish what bazz had)
but the sneaky bugger seemed to have dropped it before i struck.

the conclusion was that we need sardine when fishing this water aswell as the pod playing it's part....

Till Next Time,

AKA. MrMakk

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  1. Hi Alex,
    You may find that Sardines work well but they might just be to big, Just use half next time either the head or the tail, It may just work a little better if the Pike are being that bit finnicky, Your Rod Pod looks the biz mate,
    You and Barry have some great kit,