Saturday, 1 January 2011

first session for 2011

bazz invited me to fish the trent for new years day,
well i hadn't planned anything big for new years eve, so why not.

we made it to one section of the trent, we have fished it with deadbaits in the past but no luck, so we decided to chuck lures today,
the trent was a little coloured and with a slight pace, not big but 'ok'
so I decided to cast on with a spinnerbait, after a few pegs hopped, i had a small jack whoosh out of the margins and snap at the lure, my heart was pounding I was hoping for it to be hooked but nope it went swimming away, Damn, i was gutted but happy at the same time,

at around dinner we decided to take up another part of the trent, we were soon having lure hitting the water, but one thing that i notice is the amount of dog walkers............. there were quiet a few, but the thing that made me frown is that most of the dogs were coming right up to bazz(most) and me(just a few) especially with the owner just standing there calling the dogs whilst we were chucking no.2 trebels all over,

anyway I hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas and a fantastic new year,
and i wish you all the best for 2011

till next time,

AKA. MrMakk


  1. Nice one Alex, Pitty that Jack never latched on for you, Did Barry get any runs or takes, The waters look perfect for Fishing as well,
    For a Bricky you take some good Pictures haha,
    All the best to you and yours for 2011,

  2. hi paddy,

    unfortunately bazz never had anything,
    it say if the water was a little clearer it would be right for lures????
    ehhh a brickie had to make things look nice,
    till next time,

  3. The dogs always come to me.......they usually Shag my right leg and deposit spunk on it!