Sunday, 16 January 2011

welcome fish on a windy day

Had a session yesterday (15/1/2011) chasing the Esox

the weather was very windy yet not 'off putting' for the first half of the day i Hadn't a sniff, so i moved to a different lake, and made base there, I had recently found that my nash Hurricane has given up so i brought a nash profile plus brolly, to keep me from the elements mother nature can throw. Very Stable even with the wind, and very spacious,

At around two o'clock i ad a young angler come talk to me, asking what i'm after etc. soon after he left i managed to put my stove on for a brew, and as soon as i did that i had a run

so I lift the rod off the pod and set the hooks in a nice chunky jack (possibly a low double), a couple of carpers a few pegs down emerged from their bivvies to see me playing a fish, whilst unhooking I shouted down to them and see if i can get photographed with the fish, bloody ignorant b*stards never came so i do apologise for not having a photo of the fish, but at least i caught and they didn't.

oh well maybe another time for photo's One chunky jack tempted by a lamprey section is welcome anyday.

looks like Sunday the 30th will be my first ever PAC fish-in, better get some more lamprey in

Till next Time,



  1. Well done Alex mate, Great to hear you have had a nice Pike, Love the new Brolly mate, Bet those sides keep the wind off the flame while the kettle is boiling, Its a bit naughty of those carp guys not taking a picture for you, But never mind mate, You will catch more,
    All the best Alex,

  2. Thanks Paddy,
    the brolly is brilliant, but a few more sessions with it and then a 'proper' review,

    it was the pure ignorance that got to my head, Maybe next time i shall shout louder,,,