Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You can almost fish anywhere, where theres water

Well it's been a while since i have been on ere,

within my absence i have had various sessions, including my first PAC fish-in, which was at a private syndicate lake owned my one of the nott's members (who had kindly let us have it for the day,) we were up against the drain basher's from Lincolnshire, and they got their A*ses whooped!! I blanked (as usual) and bazz caught a jack....... all in all, a good day,

After that fish-in we were up for another the following weekend(6th feb),
dispite the bad windy weather only five braved it, there was me, Bazz, Alan Dudhill, dave E, and Mick D. two blanked(guess who) and the other three had wet nets, Alan, had a nice 20 out his first in two seasons to be exact after gaining several jacks... Dave gaining a double on top of a few jacks, and mick having a scrawny jacks.

So it's on march and the last fish-in for this season,

Highly an unusual place to be fishing?
well where theres water this is a chance of fish,
we had special access to a water inside a power stations grounds, we all arrived and had a site induction (health and safety) and got fishing soon after,

I had one rod set up for ledger and the other float ledger, dispite it being a nice looking venue there was only two catches of the day, all jacks, this certain venue is supposedly got a few mid 20's in, but we all had doubts........

the pike rods are already hung up for me, not be long before the new rod license is due and it's almost the close season too....

Till next time,
AKA. MrMakk

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  1. Hi Alex,
    You have suffered with not catching, But you watch, They say that those that dont catch end up catching a great fish, Lets hope yours is a good mid 20 from that water, And your right next Monday is the last day for the Rivers,
    All the best,