Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Had a session with trentpiker on Saturday, chucking the lures,
we started without a tug and moved on,

it wasn't long 'till the funnies started to hit us,

me first with a good bend in rod

landing a monitor by hand, my estimate was round 7lb

then the bailiff came round pestering us to cough up. I hadn't a penny on me (though i heard free fishing) and dazz flashed his members book.

sooner the later we carried on our ways. leapfrogging to and fourth.

then dazz had a decent bend in his rod, nothing flapping or tail walking, but a good PB for him,
don't the smile say it all

anyway, shall be down there again for Saturday. if all goes well.

Till next time

AKA. MrMakk

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  1. You never know what to expect when fishing the urban wilderness.