Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lure-a-Pike spinnerbaits. part-1

Well just a quick ''first impressions'' on Roy and his spinnerbaits.

I first ordered them Thursday, as i spotted an offer he had done, and emailed him asking for 4

the total cost of this package was £15.50 posted so each spinnerbait works out at three and a half quid plus £1.50 postage for the four.

Roy kept in contact with me throughout the process asking me what colours, blades that i fancied. i just replied owt bright and colourful. when he sent them, yesterday morning (thursday). I was expecting them to be here for Monday/Tuesdsday but nope they cam this morning at 7:30. they came in a medium padded packet and upon opening i found each spinnerbait individually packaged in it's own little zip snap bag and card

Anyway here they are............

Weighing in at 1oz(28g) they are bright and colourful. the components are all quality and well made. two of the lures even have a fish shaped blades, you can't get any fancier than that now eh?

Well off now down canal with Trentpiker later, but if anyone want to get in touch with roy, he has his own webpage Lure-a-Pike.

Till next Time

AKA. MrMakk


  1. Hi Alex,
    One of my favourite spinners is the Buzz Bait, Been useing these since Well that would be telling, Try useing them along the reed beds, And when the Pike hits just be sure your drag is set for about 10Lb,
    Good luck Mukka,
    Hols on tight haha,

  2. cheers paddy,

    went on canal today and lost one of the orange lures thanks to a snag. but had a good knock. from the white un.