Sunday, 26 June 2011

Trouble on canals, people & special brew

Had a session on canal today, started off with a scene, a gang of lads(knocking back special brew) were fishing, and as i passed em one of em started talking to me, for around 5mins he was just gagging on how he'd had a 30lb pike and 40lb carp out the very same canal i were fishing. i then noticed a small boat coming up the canal, and the unaware 'yob' had his rod swept in, as soon as all shouting kicked off, wasn't long before missiles of half used cans were used and the crew of the boat. About 100mts further on the yobs were still chasing the boaters weilding banksticks, but luckily there were a lot of joggers and bikers round, i didnt get chance to see the last part but what i do know is that there were cops soon after,

Anyway, scenes over,

chucked one of the orange spinnerbaits in a snag today, never to see light again,
but also had a good knock in the middle of a lilly patch under a overhanging bush.


  1. Oh Well Alex, There are times like that all along the canal, But you must never call them LIERS not unles your wearing a wet suite haha,
    Unlucky on losing your Lure though mate, You have had a couple of rough outings
    Lets hope you Luck has changed now,

  2. I did warn you that you would probably encounter twats on that canal....
    I used to fish it in the early 90's and used to catch Chub on luncheon meat cubes, I have come across drug users scrounging for money & drunks there myself