Sunday, 3 July 2011

Had a session on the canal again today.

chucking lures but concentrating on my plugs since i have neglected them in the past few weeks whilst focusing more on the spinnerbaits.

Had one good take on a 'little gem' plug but it soon tailwalked and shook the hooks. that'd be the only action for the day, I even managed to loose a plug in a snag............


  1. Unlucky Alex, Things happen like that all the time,
    You will get a good'un soon enough,
    Or a new TV, Just joking mucker haha,

  2. Oh noooooo.....dont give up on those spinnerbaits. Dont worry my pike fishing has also been non exsistant at the moment. When the time is right you will see how those spinnerbaits will work.

  3. a new tv is what i coulkd do with paddy, ahaha,

    roy don't worry the spinnerbaits won't be neglected........ they a f**king crackers......