Saturday, 16 July 2011

new gear.......

Well i have treated myself lately to some new gear......

Having recently brought a fox warrior cast rod through a forum I needed a reel to go with,
After a few discussions on the LAS forum, I opted for a second hand Abu Garcia ambasseduer ultracast UC4601C, due to me having short stubby finger and thumbs i though it'd fit the bill. and i did,

whilst in the progress of getting the reel i had a chance to get a pair of handmade baits from Mark Houghton.
really looking forward to trying it all out and try getting used to the multi............................


  1. Hi Alex,
    Take it from me mate you will have great fun with the new kit, The Jerks are a couple of the best i have seen,
    Good luck mucker,

  2. Looks like some nice all you need is a 20lb'er on the end of your line. hope it comes soon