Monday, 29 August 2011

bees, nettles, lures and pins

had an afternoon on the Trent with Bazz, 

i was chucking lures, whilst bazz had his centrepin reel out for the first time. we had made ourselves to the bank and we set up. bazz started with the 'pin' and i stayed and watched for half an hour before exploring the bankside growth for 'pegs' i soon found a much more clear peg for bazz so it would help with his casting, (more free space) i soon was out hunting, in each clear peg, i soon ran in to something nasty, as i rushed through a bush with pretty flowers, but then regretted it! I got stung my a humble bee that didn't seem so humble (bugger) and to finish off i had cargo shorts on, so that didn't be in favour when stinging nettles were around.....

all in all a good afternoon, it got us out, it's a shame i have no pics,

Till next time,

AkA. MrMakk

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha alex mate you dont want pics Bazz should have video's it all, You could have got £200 of beagle, We all have days like that but its a good job they are few and far between,
    Good blogging mucker,