Thursday, 18 August 2011


well if you haven't notice i have tweaked the design, layout, and style of text on my blog,
i do hope you like it but id there is anything 'noticable' or that could be of improvement let me know.

Also just a quick update reguarding the fishing side of things, i've had a pair of rods on tick at the tackle shop for a good month, I got the first one today and I'm impressed with it already! looking forward to the colder season starting up.  

and last but not least a big thanks to all you readers as i am now 5.1k views on my blogg. whoop whoop! only another 4.9k then it hits the 10k mark


  1. Your blog looks the great now Alex, Ive even fed your fish lol,
    All the best mucker,

  2. cheers paddy, greatly appreciated