Friday, 12 August 2011

I managed to christen

With me being busy with my sibling marriage ceremony tomorrow. I though today after work would be a good chance to chuck a few lures on the canal, 
so after a hard days work I met up with Trent Piker, we soon headed our way. Dazz didn't bring any tackle but was happy enough to join me while i fished.  i had shown Dazz new bits of tackle that i had, such as titanium wire, which is a hit with us pikers as it's hard to kink and that one trace will last a good season or two. the tracewire is now a member of the tackle box.

we started from part of the Trent, up the canal with every 'pikey' looking place had a lure chuck there by me we were 3/4 the way up the canal when i cast into a swim and hit a snag, or was it? Snags don't tug back,! wait!!! i was in a fish! 
on my unchristened rod and reel, on the titanium trace and on a new white/sliver 4play style lure. 
this fish was the first on my tackle. 
as i unhooked the fish, it has 'flipped' and knocked me on my nose causing me a nosebleed...
the young Esox was back in the water and away after a quick guesstimate at around 6-7lb 
i look tired in this photo but the sign of relief that my past efforts and commitment on this water is 'priceless'

Till next time ,


  1. Well done Alex, you deserved that one after all the effort you've been putting in lately.

  2. cheers dazz, updated the blogg with a few more pictures that i found on my camera

  3. Well done
    You should nick name that fish "Tyson" because it punched you on the nose, lol...
    Glad the wedding went well

  4. hey bazz,
    yeah the fish might as well be a professional boxer, lol.
    The wedding went better than expected, and i do thank you for helping out with the photography....