Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oh what happy days,

yes yes yes on a semi depressed feeling at the moment, I've now completed my apprenticeship, so in terms i'm qualified at my trade yet out of work, which leaves money at a worry. I don't want to end up on the benifits system, but at the same time, where exactly is the work? Nottingham has one on the highest unemployment for young adults in the UK, which means there is not a lot of jobs floating for the younger society. and there are many more like me, the public media seem to rabbit on how we get lazier each day and just get to stay in bed and not worry about paying the rent, and expecting the fortnightly handouts as it's all guaranteed by the taxpayer.  which then leaves me to wonder what'll exactly happen to me whilst on the system, will they chuck me in any job, be it cleaning the city streets to stacking shelves at the local tescos, well i'm afraid i don't want that, i want to do something i'm qualified at, and that i enjoy (bricklaying). i find it amazing how some people are narrow minded about younger members of the society.
end of that little rant,

As for the fishing side of things, it's good and bad,

went down the canal, last week and ended up breaking my new rod  whilst reeling in half a hand of weed, it was ruled down to something tin the manufacturing, as it was a clean snap but now it's in the shops hands where i got it from they should be sending a spare part soon.

on a brighter note, I've regained contact with an old water i used to fish, which has some cracking perch,
so some of the new lures should be fun to use, 

really really looking forward to it, 

till next time Alex 


  1. that must be the cleanest break i have ever seen on a broken rod, Looks like a manufacturing fault,
    Liking the Lures though mucker,

  2. Hope things work out for you soon. Pity about the rod. I bought a rod from a shop that was designed by a well known TV UK fisherman....(name to be omitted)first day i used it,,,,,,same thing...SNAP...top piece broke off....i rolled in the lure that i was using...took the rod back with the lure still attached to the broken rod and changed it for a rod that i was more familiar with and fished with in South Africa....these things happen but they do leave a bad taste in my mouth if i want to buy another rod again