Saturday, 4 February 2012

playing with a new compact camera,

my digital camera has gave the ghost recently, well it was around 6-7 years old!.
so the sale of a reel and my funds (i have been saving for another Calera) now gone towards a new camera. I opted for the £49.85 Fuji AV200 package from Jessops camera shop in the city centre, So I get a memory card, camera case, and the camera for less that £50 great for those like me where funds and money are short in these hard times.

so I had a play around with it, I thought that something colourful would do the trick! Lures, they come in all shapes and colours, so here are some i have done,

HRT Shad Z - chub

HRT jointed troll - moss tiger

Rapala SSR14- MH custom

Wychwood minnow - Rainbow trout

Wychwood minnow bass

Cabelas jointed walleye runner - silver blue 

Bill lewis Rat-L-Trap 1/4oz - unknown pattern

Savage gear 19cm 4play - pigment error

Mean lures crayfish - red craw

they came out better than I expected, so the camera looks promising for the quick snaps that often happen on the bankside.

looks like the snow is here for a while so the fishing's on hold. until the thaw, then hopefully I'll get back out there.....


  1. Hi, found your blog and followed. JGR

  2. thanks,

    Hope you enjoy the blog,


  3. Alex'
    did you ever catch much on the crayfish lure you have pictured above?