Friday, 16 March 2012

A session ending in a rubbish mood for me.

got up bright and early, and got the train (on time today) to the canal, set up and started to chuck lures at around 09:00am. But got pestered by a pair of swans and a few ducks [anyone else heard a swan make cat sounding squeaks? I have today with one of my guests{unusual face}]. So I made my way  down stream casting a few times at each stop, the wind was up and in the shade it is chilly so I opted for a deep diving lure to see if the fish are deeper. unfortunately I lost it to a tree after around 30mins with it on the end of the line. I attached a Rat-L Trap lure on in ''orange shad'' with SL trebles on, once I had got to a usual stretch and started to cast at one end making my way to the other, i felt a couple of small knocks at the start but found a couple of juvenile perch around the same size attacking it. I moved a few yards down and began to cast out again, on the secon cast i breeling in some weed but on the third i thought i had hit a snag. Well the 'snag' result was this

This little beauty is a small'un it really didn't want to come up! as I said I'm expecting it a snag! It gave some cracking burst of speed trying to evade the net. At first i though it was the same jack I had caught last week? I can certainly say it wasn't this was much shorter in length and had a bigger back, it also had some sort of scab on its 'mat' side. so I unhooked it with ease even though the lure was in it chops, a quick photo with the rod,reel and lure and the little bugger swam off to have a sulk. I swapped the trace for a fresh one as the other was twisted and kinked.

I got on another stretch of the cut and cast out only to find the Rat-l-Trap is snagged, i attempted to persuade it to be free but the 'ping' of braid made my heart sink. Two lures now with only one fish! I had expected better today but nope looks like luck decided to play foul with me. I met up with Dazz so he could have an afternoons session with me. but before we got sorted I headed into the local supermarket for a quick bit and drink, I emerged with two bags of cookies [Rolo & Smartie] and two bottles of tango (they both were on offer at a nice price) after, we
headed off towards another stretch and began to fish. At this stage in time I'm feeling rubbish, to the extent I'm wanting to wrap up for the day. But instead of wrapping up I stayed and talked to Dazz for an hour, until he wrapped his gear up. we now have plans to fish another couple of waters, (probably as the cut is starting to get a little boring,) but still not sure where yet.

so 1 Jack landed,

but 2 lures lost,

and me beeing in a crap mood.

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