Friday, 9 March 2012

The dodgy dealers......

Had a days session today, 

Started off around 09:45am due to missing the earlier train. But it didn't bother me that much as I have patience. Train finally came and i was on the tow path in no-time (took around 10-15mins to get to the destination).

As I was setting up two 'stoned' figures approached me and asked if I had wanted to buy a phone? I politely declined knowing it's a dodgy dealing, and then they asked if I wanted a camera (they shown it to me and it was in a right state) once again I had declined and starting to get annoyed(I wanted to fish not dodgy dealings), they then asked what if i caught a fish and wanted a photo of it (attempting to see if i had anything of value on me) i gave the excuse that taking photos is immoral in my views (cheeky porky told) but they took the 'bait' (get it? -bait-fishing-lures?) and left me to my antics. 

It was around 12 O'clock & I had covered one stretch of the cut and made my way to another section that produces a fish or two,  casting at one end i made my way to the other end, and on the last peg I had a cast with a MH Photofinish 2" Crank`n`Shad crankbait in Brown/Yellow colour and as soon as I started to wind in and work the lure i felt a tug on the end of the line. ''A fish'' I though and yes a jack has got the lure... amazingly it had let go just as I lifted the rod to set the hooks, i told myself that I'm ''not going to leave it at that'' so I recast and worked the lure, hit! the jack took the bait, at around 2/3 the length I had cast, but once again it managed to spit it out. After a few more casts and dropped lure I'm now at the point where frustration is getting to my head, so i took a breather and tried again. This time I reeled in at a much slower speed and managed to set the hooks, the jack went on a real good scrap a tail walk, violent head shakes and several lunges before I landed it. So as soon as it hit the unhooking mat the jack was unhooked and weighed in no-time a quick photo to go with too.

(4LB 12oz Jack Pike)

The Okuma Octana 20FD is very nice! I'm well impressed with it and the braid is new to me (its Cortland {fly/game line people} master braid in sea green at 15lb), but same as the reel I'm well impressed

after that I had nothing else for the rest of the day, Dazz came round in the afternoon and had a good chat & cast of the gear whilst we both went to the local supermarket for a few bits (for Dazz) and a quick bite and drink (for me).

All in all an enjoyable day. 

Till next time,

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