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Lure Fair, 28-04-2012

Well, I had planned to get to this one but by beginning of this week I had doubts that'll I'll manage to scrounge a lift from fellow LAS members. but Friday I had a friendly PM from fellow member Mike asking if I still need a lift. So I organised 'pickup' time and location and said the words ''see you tomorrow''.

well yesterday morning came and I'm like a kid, all excited, jumpy you name it, Mike picked me up from the local landmark (pub) at around 09:00am and we got to the car park at the university for 09:30 and Paid for mine and mike entrance fee for the day (as mike did take me there and bring me back)  

well upon entering the main hall my eyed opened to see tables, stalls, lures, rods, reels & people all around.

As far as I'm concerned the second hand stall had some bargains for all manner of folk, from lures to rods, I even managed to pick myself a couple nice lures from here, a fox trojan, a small ace jerk and a storm kicking stick.

Chico was here too, I manage to grab a 'smiling' picture from him, I had a look at his knipex cutter he had on the stall and they look like a future purchase (when funds allow) for chopping them hook shanks clean and with little effort.

Spotted another forum Member Pete (Kato), selling his jigflys, I had a good chat with him, an idea for then sparked my mind, instead of fishing with em, just hang em out the upstairs window and dangle em in front of the neighbour's cat, bound to have some fun there .......

Franglais fishing, now I've been looking at his baits online and i must say a decent chap to speak too, I was very tempted with getting some 4'' castiacs (similar to the fox replicants) but had to hold as I didn't want to spend all my cash within the hour. 

The Pike shop, has some lovely bits 'n' bobs, lures and even soft cuddly pike (like a child's teddy bear) I purchased some small/mini bulldawg lures from these chaps. they even had a box of storm & rapala lures at a fiver each & some nice spoons and spinnerbaits from toothy critter, but once again I didn't want to spend all the cash in an hour.

As I was wandering around looking at all sorts of lures/items of purchase, I had a look on the sovereign superbaits stall. and in particular the I.T.T swimbaits which look awesome, especially the soft plastic variety.

Just across from sovereign there was Evaldas's aka, Eva's stall with all top end lures, rods & reels. I had a quick wind of a couple of shimano reels and i was very impressed with them. but they were way over my cash I had on me, perhaps a nice blog reader could treat me to a curado 51E?

Now here's a lovely couple, Artur & his partner had there stand next to Mullarkeys direct stall, they both had some really nice rods to show from,dragon, plenty of other things too such as reels. shads, jig heads, cranks, and some luggage. I purchase a very well made wallet that I now store my spinnerbaits in, 

just next to Evaldas, was zoota lure's (Alex Prouse) stall, the stench of them soft plastics were to make a man's eyes water but they look very well made and an array of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. I personally reckon they'll are great for some ressies around the country.

I sadly missed all the Talks from some great gents, as I was like a hover fly going from one stall to another and back again. I put many names to faces, most if not all were forum members, met the clubs committee who were also friendly faces.
It came to around to 16:00 and it was time to do the raffle draw before the AGM, after three or four draws to other lucky folk I manage to bank three tickets, first time I picked a gift card up, on the second round of my numbers I asked for another draw again to let someone else have a win, after a dozen or so draws I came up again an managed to pick a spoon up. After the raffle draw the AGM came, although I don't involve myself deeply in club politics I was very interested in how it's all done, after around an hour and half we were told my the site security that we had to wrap up or we'll be locked in. 

Mike dropped me off home safe and sound, my knees were hurting from all the walking/hovering around the stalls, my jaw aches from all the nattering I have done with fellow lure enthusiasts. 

I'd like to thanks the Whole LAS for a long enjoyable day, the stalls were brilliant & I met some truly decent folk out there. Mike get's my deepest respect and thanks for coming and kindly giving me a lift. without so i wouldn't of met faces and made it there, I hope there is another lure fair for next year, It'll give me time to save funds. 

All in all a enjoyable day, Many thanks for reading my report on the days event.

'Till next time,


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