Thursday, 3 May 2012

Had a delivery, new rod and a few lures.

As the title says, 

Yesterday I got round to using the voucher I won at the lure fair back on Saturday,  I made an order for a new rod and a few lures just to round it off at the value of my voucher.
Well, the gear turned up at the door this afternoon, what i had ordered was an 'Okuma Lure Mania' 7'4'' spinning rod, with a casting weight of 10g up to 30g, with a few Savage Gear lures, 

 Before I opted for the Okuma, I was more interested in a Ron Thompson spinning rod, but got told advised that the Okuma would be a better pick, especially for what I was after.

It's certainly in anyone budget at around £30 you can't go wrong. The action is somewhat similar to a Savage Gear bushwhacker I had a waggle of at the lurefair, there's several models of the Lure Maina you can choose from, even two trigger/multi versions. I'm now looking at getting a nice 2500 Shimano to pair up with it.


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