Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A warm evening fishing with lures.

Well yesterday evening (21-05-12) was the first time out for a full evenings session, by which a mean a 18:00 - 22:00 space of just pure fishing.

This session had been organised a couple weeks back, with a fellow LAS member, we decided Monday evening was okay for the fishing. I got picked up around 16:30 and we headed off to our venue for the evening, on route we stopped of at a fish bar. I ordered myself a cod bites and chips doused in salt and vinegar whist Jacek had whatever he wanted, to be totally honest this was the first 'fish & chips' I've had in months and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Well we mamaged to get to the venue for around 17:15 (ish) and met up with fellow LAS member 'Olabo& got ourselves prepared. By which time we had a quick chat to the bailiff regarding on how to approach the venue, he suggested that we try all sorts, shads, spinners, topwater you name it, but also gave some advice on a few areas that may produce a fish or two. I started off on a 'walk the dog' minnow lure made by Mark Houghton  with me working it on the surface on one part of the water, whilst Olabo & Jacek started off using the shads. we worked our way round to an area, which was recommended by the bailiff, I believe on the 2nd cast around here Jacek was into a nice jack caught on the shad, the first of the session, I never managed to get a pic. Olabo was second into a fish caught on a jigfly made my another fellow LAS member kato (look at previous posts on lurefair), a nice chunky jack with what looked a couple of scars (maybe from spawning with the big girls?)

soon after it looked that Jacek was into another nice jack, a quick picture via Olabo's camera and the jack was slipped back into the water. 
We carried on leap frogging pegs as we moved round the venue, I had a quick breather but at the same time managed a couple of sunset pictures with the camera. 

nice wouldn't you think, one beauty of angling is the scenery the angler gets to see.  Well it got to around 21:00 and we started to have enough the three fish of the day & a shook fish, were the only signs of life we had for the evening, so we packed up and made our way back to the cars, Jacek dropped me off at the station which a tram runs straight into my town. I managed to get back home by around midnight, and straight in the pit, after all an hard evenings fishing tires one out!

All in all a good evening worth fishing with good company.


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