Friday, 29 June 2012

LAS pass the parcel competition,

This thing landed on the mat today, us LAS forum users are having a 'pass the parcel' competition, (where someone catches a fish then pass this lure to next in line) about 6 teams with one lure per team with 8 participants being a team. 

I decided I'll have a bash for this afternoon, casting my way from one stretch to another. It wasn't long before I got a sign of life, the lure landed under a tree and I began a slow retrieve and a little perch came chasing behind but as it was so small it dwarfed the lure. A while later I got to a stretch that has produced jacks in the past for me, once halfway down a cast in a opening near some lilies and a fish got the lure. I never managed to hook it but I wasn't bothered, as there is always another chance for a fish. That 'chance' wasn't long after, in fact just before Trent Piker met up with me for a quick few hours. I cast in the same place but a little short and began to slowly reel in with a twitch of the rod tip too (this make the lure flicker like a sick/injured bait fish) and wham! I certainly felt the fish hit and a lifted the rod to set the hooks successfully. 

Well I never weighed the jack, but I was happy enough as it had actually christened my Okuma spinning rod I got a couple months back, and the Exage 2500FC reel (the drag was smooth and set perfectly) that's loaded with some Sufix 832 braid that I have never used before but so far I'm impressed with it, it casts quiet and with no more effort than an underarm cast to get a lure where I want it.

Well it's also the first fish for a while, had about half a dozen sessions all with a blank, 

unhooking the jack was a 'piece of cake' 

and was released safe and sound (likely to go off and sulk)

After Dazz has set himself up it wasn't long before he was in a fish, smaller than the one I caught but in absolutely inhaled his soft 4play and managed to get itself in a pickle in doing so. Hooked near the rakers and even though I managed to help Dazz unhook the jack, there were still complications, 
we rested the fish until it swam from Dazz's grip and we both hope it make it. 

After an hour fishing Dazz was needed back to his end to sort out a few things, I stayed an extra hour but not had a sniff nor follow.

All in all a good few hours on the cut,



  1. Chef58 here from LAS
    Good fishing Alex,The Motherchuckers have a battle on their hands now.
    I reckon this comp is more down to the RM, than any angling prowess.
    It took 3 days for my lure to get to me from ArTarn ,3 hours later I got out on its way to the next chap, and I bet he doesn't see it until Tuesday!

  2. The lure looks a great design. It'll sure catch plenty of fish, I'll probably get around to buying one if I can one day. Good to see you back catching Alex hopefully the first of many more.

  3. Ta chaps, I think Marc you're right with RM and all, I just hope everyone has a good chuck with the lures & that RM don't loose em which'll mean mark will have the hassle or replacements etc

    Paul, many thanks for the comments, I hope the rivers up your end are fishable? or are they the replication of oxtail soup (like the R.Trent is)!