Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Late afternoon session 12-06-2012

Well yes, you've probably gathered I had a quick session today.
started off at around 3:30pm, made my way to a stretch of the cut and clipped on a spro frog from a selection of lures I brought from Marc. Using the frog seems easy, just twitching it made some splash and disturbance on the surface hopefully at the same time gaining some attention from what lurks beneath the water, all seems well yet this failed even to produce a follow, so either the fish weren't interested or that the conditions wasn't right.
Decided to move to another section of the canal, whilst clipping on a clackin' rap all of a sudden I notice someone/something behind me, I turned to a heron being all inquisitive of what I was doing(rummaging through the lure boxes in the lure bag). He must of been 5ft away from me but felt like it was closer, anyone else had a scenario like this? Either way he got spooked by some cyclists and flew off to some other section of the canal or someone's garden pond. So as said I'm on a section of the canal that in all honesty I have chucked a lure in plenty of times but yet to have any signs of underwater life, I cast the Rapala near some lilies and I begin to work the lure. as i began to lift it out for a fresh cast a jack pops up from the depths and grabs the Rapala before letting go. Oh well, I gathered that was a 'lost' fish, always another time, So I soldier on casting in every spot like a potential place for a fish, but no nothing for rest of the day. So just to keep those that like picture/s happy here's the stuff that was being used for today's session.

I still enjoyed the session, despite not catching. 


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