Sunday, 24 June 2012

A long day on the cut and a bonus from the evening

Had Planned a session to fish the Trent yesterday with Trent Piker  as the weather looked best, but as the conditions went wet the coming Friday, the river level rose for Saturday and I decided the canal might be best worth a bash. 
Got up bright and early yesterday morning (6:30) to get myself sorted with the breakfast nipped to the local shop to get a lotto ticket, some change for the train fare & a few sundries for the session, and last minute check on the lure gear and by 7:40 I was on the train and at 8:00(ish) I'm on the towpath. I clipped on a MH alphabet crank and began to fish

Around an hour later I took a cast near a lily patch and worked the lure, when I catch a flash under the surface trailing the lure. My first though was a chub (which could of been a first) but I realised the stripes (perch) as it turned to swim back in the depths of the canal the fish would of been a nice catch as I guesstimate it's be scraping 1lb and half.

Met up with Dazz soon after, and in his first cast he managed to hook a nice perch.

What a nice fish, well in Dazz.

And the release, taken by your truly (can you just make out the fish?)

My first initial though were that it was the same bugger I missed earlier, but I doubted it. We carried on making our way up the canal casting our lures, I began to feel 'peckish' and we stopped for a break, I wanted to try a takeaway I/we've been passing as it's always smelt so good. 

Not the healthiest I'll admit but the chicken sure tasted nice and certainly filled a gap, all washed down with a can of Pepsi. 

We soon on our way again casting lures anywhere that looked potential, it got on for around 15:30 and Dazz took his last cast and wrapped up as I carried on. 
Made my way casting and changing lures, I got to a stretch that looked good, with plenty of cover and cover for me (a few shower clouds rolling over) so I clipped on a storm wildeye curltail spin (pre rigged shad with curl tail and a attachable spinnerbait arm).

As I chucked it out in a few swims, I noticed a small jack was following and I decided to slow down the retrieve and Wham! the jack bit into the shad, but not good enough to where I could set the hook. Never mind, I had another couple casts before having an idea.

I attached the spinnerbait arm to a small/mini bulldawg, and cast out, on a steady retrieve it looks good, so  to change I add a stop-pause retrieve certainly looks the business the blade still flutters on the sink and both the tail and blade work very well, soon enough I started to feel that I've had enough for the day. 

so at around 18:00 I decided to make the walk back to the station, and call it a day. I checked the lotto result from last nights draw and I won £10, at least it'll get me a couple more train fares for a extra couple of sessions.

All in all an enjoyable day yesterday. and I'm looking forward to another session tomorrow.

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