Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A perch from the Trent

With the bank holiday weekend over and the trains running full again, yesterday I decided to grab the lure gear and bugger off to the canal and the possibly the R.Trent (dependant on condition with the recent thunderstorms) for a session. In the morning, I gave Dazz a call and told him to join me if he can and he told me that he'd try and get an hour or so. By around 10:45am I got to the section of the canal where I geared myself up, I clipped on a Savage Gear prey lure and after half an hour of casting with it, I noticed it started to float at the tail end. So i clipped on a different lure and got back to fishing, by around 11:45am Dazz caught up with me he hadn't brough his gear but was happy enough to join me as company. I got fed up of the current lure and decided another switch, this time with a spro BBZ-1 shad, first cast and not a sign second cast gave a swirl, and my intial thoughs were that I'd either spooked a fish i.e chub/carp etc, or that a pike had missed the lure completly after it's stike at it. as we moved down I kept casting lures in every spot that looked like a fish was lurking belowI managed to loose a storm wildeye shad to a snag but We made our way to the trent to have a crack there, although the conditions seemed nice, the amout on weed that was being caught on every cast could have filled my tropical aquaruim.

After each time I moved from peg to peg and at each cast I kept getting weed, a while later as I was along the R.Trent, I swapped the lure for a HRT perch crankbait availble from AGM discount tackle.

I then done another cast and once again I caught weed, well I was proven wrong by the 'weed' tugging back. I then said to Dazz ''fish on'' and he scrambled for my net behind me, my mind was ticking away with the though of what fish I had on at the end of the line tugging away pike, perch, chub, zander? 
with a distinct flash of green and orange as i was playing the fish I knew instantly it is a perch.

At the scales this perch came to 2lb, Dazz instantly remarked on how the bigger perch seemes to have the hunchback, anyway enough of that heres the pics. 


well what a lovely fish? I carried on fishing the R.Trent for an extra hour until around 3:30pm then we headed back up the canal, dazz parted his way and I carried on hoping for another fish to add on todays list but nothing. I managed to get home to a pot of curry & rice for around 5:30pm

all in all an enjoyable day with a nice fish to save from a blank.



  1. Great fish! I am not too surprised at you catching a Perch from under that bridge, I have seen small ones in the shallows on the W. Bridgford side. The only time I ever fished under those arches with a lure I got snagged under a piece of heavy steel plate & had to pull for a break. Young Phil at Matchman Supplies always reckons its worth Piking under the bridges...

  2. Thanks lads,

    I've seen the smaller perch too Barry, especially when the water is clearer and the ploars are on, It's given me the idea small lures and spinners will do the trick and 'hopefully' tempt them to have a take. I've never caught a fish from under a bridge at all although it doesn't stop me from casting there in hope of a fish.