Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bats, grubs and a christened rod.

Back on Monday I had a replacement rod from that which had broken unexpectedly a couple sessions back. But I was ill with slight flu, so I couldn't just walk out the door and get fishing. 

But yesterday I had a chance for a few hours in the afternoon to try the rod, after I got myself kitted out & began to fish I then notice a fimilair figure come toward me on a pushbike. Dazz had actually managed a couple hours fishing with a jack as the only fish caught, he stayed for a wile before we parted (he's going home and I'm heading to a stretch of the 'cut').
I clipped on a small grub with a 7g 1/0 jig with it, I must say that the action seems good, I managed to get a couple follows and a take, but that was about it on 'this' section of the cut. I got to another stretch and like so began to fish, after a few casts I managed to get a knock on the one i had just made but this was too quick before I could lift the rod. I carried on further down and kept getting knocks but like the first I seem a bit too slow with lifting the rod, it all then went quiet.

I kept casting and swapping lures to see if anything would work, jigs, swimbaits, teaxas rigs, carolina rigs, and the crankbaits all failed to intrest any fish lurking beneath the water. 
The light began to fade and I started to work back from where i started, but I kept the grub and jighead still attached to the trace as its the only lure that the fish or whatevers lurking beneath has taken an intrest to. 
I got back to where I had a good knock and cast the grun close to some reeds, all of a sudden i get a knock and this time I manage to lift the rod and connected to whatever is at the other end of the line.

for the few minutes that I was playing the fish, I remarked to myself how powerful the lunges were and the sudden bursts if speed it done to evade from being reeled any closer.
Eirther its a good fish or that the new gear is being pushed though its paces, either way the rod was doubled over and the reel was screaming, within a moments pace the jack was netted and it spat the jig head and grub so it saved the unhooking process, Being honest and trueful, I'm a preson who isn't taken by soft plastic lures, i tend to favour the plastic or metal lures, but hey-ho I'm keeping my opinion open as like today i believe plastics do work. Anyway heres the jack,

 I notice it was a leaner that the fish I've had from this section before, I never bothered to weigh this one but the rough estimate would be around 4-5lb.

It got dark a short time after and I decided to call it a day, whilst wrapping up I notice somthing small flying above me, at first i though it was a great tit or blue tit or somthing small in the bird world, but typical I stand corrected it was a bat, it flew and made a silliouet in the light and the distinct shape of the batman logo appeared? but what was puzzling me was the fact that it was in the middle of a urban canal with towers and building surrounding the area, I would of thought that they natural habitat would be rural areas like barns and stuff as such, I'm guessing the urban bit attracts bugs which in turn attract the bats, with plenty of hidey holes for the bats all around in the masonry and concrete seems perfect for them.
well all in all a good session out,

'Till next time,



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