Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hard going for the past couple of sessions

Being honest and trueful, my recent sessions have somehow felt like I've pushed myself to actually step foot out the house with the lures but either way I persisted to have a few sessions on the towpath.
last weeks session
Well on Tuesday whilst at work, my mother popped in the salon and passed a present over, it was one of these RT tyran and the 6ft one, so here looking forward the coming weekend, come the following Thursday I had a order on with AGM & HSM. Come friday I managed to have a couple hours on the usual stretch of the cut, and whilst taking note of the surrounding area it gave me the thoughts for the rest of the day. Those though were regarding the specific stretch of the cut, and how the condition of it seems a disgace :  burnt debris, litter & lost tackle on the far side, and trash left my the 'fisherman' knocking back skol super. So I decided that in future I am to try and put my attention at another part of the canal to see what that brings. 
So the suff I ordered a couple days before has landed on the mat, just in time for another session.

 Even these little spro swimbaits are cute 

I didn't want to start early nor late so I met up with my mate Dazz and we had a good couple hours, dazz stuck with a traded jerkbait and I was using the texas rig for the first time and the whole day I will say that the presentation sees good, just the carolina to try next and to get some fish caught on 'em.  A while later whilst we were fishing, I twitched the rod to get the lure working and this happened.

Not good not good at all, I stood there bewildered on what had just happened. whilst dazz was on a jack. I had to pack up and go home, so that session went to pot.

So I managed a good days session today, the weather wasn't bad a little rain and a chill wind. I managed to get going for around 10:00am and began to walk to another stretch of the canal that I have not fished as often as the other stretch.
I done a few casts 'ere & there but nothing not a sniff all morning, after midday the clouds changed and I could feel that rain was on the way. I cast near some reed and BAM! a fish hit the lure, I don't know what but I cast again BAM! but missed so i changed lure to a MH Fat belly shad in baby bass and cast at the same place, BAM! I managed to connect and reel the fish in, it turn out to be a jack give some good bursts for freedom, as I was about to dip the net to scoop him he shakes the head and manages to loose the hooks. Not to worry ''at least there is fish here'' I told myself and carried on casting in a swim. half an hour later I connected again onto a fish, a small jack of a pound or two in weigh with lovely colours, but like the other at the tips of my toes he managed to shake free of the hooks. Those two were the only fish I managed but it's telling me that there is probably more, so hopefully i'm putting the effort there from now on. The rain began and I decided to wrap up and head home, knackerd and hungry I stopped off at the local supermarket for a quick drink and sugar fix to keep me going until I got back home.

Must be all that fresh air tiring me out & doing me good.

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