Monday, 19 November 2012

Stung a couple Jacks

Managed a morning out and finished by around early afternoon.

As usual was on the 'cut' and it turned out to be a bit of a weird session, weather started nice then went cold and windy with some rain near the end.

Arrived at a stretch that has produces some nice jacks to see that the other side greenery had been cut! even the trees so a little p*ssed as it was the cover for the pike, fished it either way but no a sniff looks like pike has been spooked and set up shop elsewhere on the 'cut'.

Managed to pull a bird(pigeon) on the rod whilst casting, the daft thing flew straight into the line and crash landed on towpath as it got tangled. My mate p*ssing himself laughing as I'm throwing all sorts of colourful phrases out my mouth whilst trying to help the poor bird... soon enough all got untangled and pigeon flew away, I suspect because it was clean and healthy it must of been one of these homing/racing pigeons.

'stung' two jacks around the same in weight (second a little smaller) on a MH crank 'n' shad in 'yellow hornet', both from same section & on the same lure, yet different markings :? :? :?

The first caught

& the second 'un

After those pair I began to work back to where i started, managing another bunch of colourful vocabulary as I lost the 'hornet' to a underwater snag, after that I then decided to wrap up and get home.

Alex Makk


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