Friday, 21 December 2012

In hope of a doomsday pike.

Well firstly if you haven't noticed I have made a big change to the olde blog, I have spent most of Thursday night and early Friday morning getting the basics done an Friday afternoon knuckling down with the finer details. Hopefully the design and stuff as such will appeal to you (the reader) and isn't coming across as too much or 'in the face'. Either way if there is something that could be tweaked or fiddled with let me know, I can only try my best with modifying the blogs design to suit most if not all. 

With Friday being the end of the Mayan calendar, or as some folk put it 'doomsday' I decided to have a 'last' crack at the canal. With Thursdays heavy rain here in Nottingham, I had my doubts on the condition of the canal and in a way I am right to have doubts it was like chocolate milkshake.

Still I wasn't put off and within a couple of casts the hooks were set, and into something heavy very heavy indeed. At first my little tyran spin doubled over and all of the sudden everything went still, surprisingly the tyran managed to lift it up to the surface so I land the thing that I'm hooked into. Sadly nothing heavy made of scales & flesh, but metal, fabric & wheels.

Well at least my little Mark Houghton Lure is still in one piece, the only notable signs or damage is a straightened hook from the rear treble.   

It got on for around 11:00 and I have tried all the pegs that have produced for me, even swapping to brighter 'hothead' crank 'n' shad. but still nothing. I then have a though of venturing to another canal with Nottingham and at only a bus ride away, from what I have gathered this canal should be a lot clearer in water quality so hopefully might produce a fish or two. A short bus ride later I was on the second canal, and although it was clear the first part is very clear and very shallow with only a few inches in depth. and wherever I cast the grub and jighead was catching weed ugh! so I moved further down, and met another angler with a carp rod and a couple of soft lures, he tells me that ''this stretch of the canal has produced a few 20's and that he caught plenty of 'big'uns'' but i just carried on, knowing that they are either stories or lies, likely to be the latter. I carried on casting anywhere and every where without a sniff, so mid afternoon I decided to call it a day and headed home.

I hope you readers have a Merry Christmas and I wish you the very best for the new year.


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