Sunday, 3 March 2013

Celebrating the 21st with a days fishing

Well once again I got a days fishing done, and on my 21st birthday too!

Ian picked me up at 8:00am and before we started the fishing we stopped at 'future fishing' in Newark for a quick browse. The moment i walked through the shop door I got whacked by a sudden WOW factor, as I have not seen so much Savage Gear stuff before, lures, rods, terminal, you name it! on top Tony had a decent selection on other lure related brands such as Wirek, Rapala, Blue Fox spinners and a few other brands to boot, Even Ian seems to loose himself among the lures.

just a small selection of the Savage gear products that Tony has to offer,

Some rods on the rod rack when you walk into the shop,

Tony, Manning the till,

As mentioned, Ian has lost himself among the lures,
 I myself brough a couple items, some trace wire and a nice new bright lure, as I have been 'itching' after this pattern for a month or so now. with it now in my possession I can wreak havok upon the angling world, (enter evil laugh here)

My little Birthday present to myself,

When we got started Ian and I went to have a bash on the R.Trent, I have never been to this stretch that he intoduced me to today, and so far I love it. It's certainly has a beautiful atmosphere especially when the river is the right level and condition, you couldn't ask for a more tranquil place to fish in the morning. unfortunatly the fish didn't seem want to play ball, as Mr Pike is likely to be more interested in spawning with Mrs Pike. Whilst we were fishing and hopping from one peg and another there were a trio of Mallards, 2 males with a single female, and well what they were doing were quiet amusing, the males seemed too busy squabbling between themselve over 'who gets the girl' and all of a sudden one male pushed the other down the concrete step and the squabbling went into a little brawl, then a while later there was a screech from some sort of goose? heading towards another small flock of the same kind, and they all of a sudden start screeching at the top of their voices just like a big slagging match! I couldn't stop giggling Ian was even grinning.

By around lunchtime we decided that we'd try another venue, a stillwater infact, and once again one that I have today been intoduced to. The weather warmed a little and the conditions of this lake was slightly coloured, for the duration I was swapping between the smaller spinnerbait I got in the post on Friday and my new savage gear  13cm swim and jerk 4play in chart blue tiger. I was working the swimbait very well this session, a single rotation of the reel handle and a few twitches of the rod tip gave it a steady swim then a sudden burst of spasm to 'hopfully' attract any pike to investigate. I think I had a follow of somthing during our afternoon on the lake, Ian however had no signs of life, not a follow nor sniff.

Before wrapping up in the last half hour I was approached by a young lad not much older than ten, he had a keen intrest in the style of fishing I was doing (lure fishing) and began asking questions, after 5mis of explaning why I was using this lure is the specific manner he decide to pop over and have a chat to Ian. After a further 5mins with Ian he returned to me and Said in a dissapointed manner that he could not ride his quadbike today, once I asked why he gave the explanation that ''the policeman told my mum that if I do it again, I get a section 57Asomthing and my quad taken off me'' that was it, I had to hold my lips tight or I'd howl out with so much laughter, not because of what he said but the way he came across with it. 

The young lad scuttled off after saying goodbye and myself and Ian called it a day with that. I certainly enjoyed today better than friday, I celebrated the 21st doing something I'm passionate and enthusiastic about, whilst having great company thanks to Ian. Once home I had a nice dinner and a slab of cake, even opened the cards and I'm now £35 richer all of a sudden. Guess I have to make an order with Tony next week.


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