Friday, 1 March 2013

'orrible & fustrating session but nice company and surprise

Had a session today, not the best as you can gather from the post title,

we started a little earlier than expected, but whilst on route to the reservoir we decided to pop in a tackle store. We browsed for a short while before leaving with a couple of lures each, one of which is an ondex no.5 with an unusual pattern.

By around 09:15 we were fishing, I used the recently purchased spinner as my first before changing to a 2'' fishunter shad. The water was choppy with a nip of cold added.

Ian was showing me a spinnerbait that he brough from Jennifields, and admittidly they look 'the dogs b*llocks' shame they don't do paypal or online order as I am not fimilair with postal orders and I'm unsure if my bank does cheques.

By around 10 o'clock & it was beginning to feel like time had ran to late afternoon, we made it round one side of the water but decided to go no further as the wind and chill would make it feel unplesant and make the fishing difficult. So at dinner I decided to swap gear and go for my 10g-30g rod and larger lures. For the next couple of hours I was beginning to get fed up as i had not had any sign of life, not a follow, not a take, not a sniff, also contributing to that was the comings of a severe headache that I still have simmering in my skull now. Within the next hour I just totally lost all my enthusiasm along with one of Mark's fat belly shad, by around 1:00 I spoke to Ian who could tell i had a bad headace & that I wasn't enjoying the session as much as I should. So we called it a day, (thats a dozen sessions and still a blank since the new year) but before setting off we made a few enquiries with the bailiff regarding membership of the water in the clubs control.

I feel a prune for not sticking the day & making Ian wrap up early, but I really enjoyed the company, once home I had a nice little packet waiting for me. A few goodies that I'll be using come Sunday, hopefully a better head will be on my shoulders as we are going to my regular haunt 'the cut'.

'Till next time,
Alex Makk

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