Monday, 29 April 2013

An update with a recent catch

Well I'll admit that I haven't kept the blog updated since last month, yeah I know you've missed me 'n' all but the sessions I've had they'd all been a blanks so there has been nothing good to post about.

That however all changed on saturday, when me and Ian had a session booked with Andi (fellow LAS member and lure fanatic) whom had kindly offered to take us under his wing and show us the way with these zander and soft plastic shads (my bogey lure). I was out the door for 6:20, and we arrived for just around 8 o'clock on the carpark to meet up with Andi. we all got set up and began to fish, I had snatched one of Ians relax kopyto shads as its colour is what Andi says does well on the canal and advised using it. soon after Andi had a follow which at first we thought was a zander, I gave a cast in not far from where the follow was and managed to have a perch bolt out from under our feet and gobble the 2.5'' koptyo.

The perch that ended ,my blank spree.
So thats my first fish caught since beginning of the year a long blank but you can't say I haven't tried, as the saying goes '' you not catch unless the line is in the water''. Other folk have also been finding it hard too - weather, spawning, conditions and the up and go attitude with a hint of luck, all play a part on if us anglers catch or not.

A while later Andi managed another follow or take but the fish managed to escape the net, it even happened to Ian not long after as he managed to hook onto a fish. Andi then decided we should try another stretch of the canal a short drive away. Whilst I was talking to Andi regarding technique and how I can improve on it, Ian called for the net as h was on a fish, for Ian it was his first zander at 5lb ''well done Ian'', he was chuffed to bits...

Ian's 5lb Zander

After Ian's fish, we again moved to another stretch of the canal, Andi was getting short on time and only had another hour or so to spare, Andi and Ian managed a couple more schoolies/shoalies between them Ians on a texas rigged worm and Andi's on a VIB blade from spro, that was it for the rest of the day. I'm being honest here now, but during the day I learnt a lot more that I have in the past month or so blanking. I have a better idea on how to approach a water with a shad, and how to handle a Zed (if I ever catch one) thanks to Andi and his guidance (Thanks Andi)

All in all a good day, me and Ian have a couple plans for a mid week evening session and come the weekend too.

'Till next time,



  1. Nice blog mate, I've added a link to mine and will be following from now on

  2. Ta Jamie,

    when I get round to doing so, I will place a like to yours on my page.