Monday, 27 May 2013

An afternoon on the resevoir 25-05-13

Myself and Ian had an afternoon session on the local reservoir, back on Saturday

After recently purchasing some 5.5'' soft plastic grubs I decided to use my 10g-30g Bushwhacker whereas within the past few weeks I have been using my lighter Okuma Octana rod and lighter lures to suit.

We started fishing around lunchtime, and for the first half of the session Ian and I didn't have a sniff nor follow, but by three quarters the way though we started to see activity, the lures we had be using varied from soft plastics to hard crankbaits. The lure that did get the most attention were minnow glidebaits such as the Salmo sweeper 10cm and the Mark Houghton Slide`n`Minnow glidebait  end result were Ian managing to foul hook a fish after it snatched at his salmo and myself having this fish snatch at my slinde 'n' minnow but missed, so I cat in the same area again and managing to connect to the fish.

I will admit I am not in the best spirit when the picture was taken, as when the jack was being unhooked it has one shank of the treble in the gill rakers and another lodged in on the other side but in the flesh. and as usual jacks tend to decide to 'flip out' just as the delicate procedure was almost at an end, which this one did and in doing so it managed to snap the gill raker & release the lure. That was it, my thoughts were that it wasn't even going to make it though the next day (there gill rakers are their lungs and windpipe) but it did swim off strongly and sulked under a peg with a 'grunt' so I had a little bit of hope for it. 

other than that the fishing went dead again (fish were not taking the baits nor showing any interest), myself and Ian didn't manage a sniff, follow or take for the rest of the day. 

I might just venture down the canal, sometime this week, and see if Dazz is up for some sport?

'till next time,


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