Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A morning of fun.

I managed to get down the canal for around 6:30am this morning and I had a good few hours fishing, I saw plenty of action with the perch as they were chasing shoals of small fry, that were leaping out the water to avoid being breakfast. I clipped on one of Allan's yellow 3'' grubs and with just a nice steady retrieve I was getting takes, however I kept missing as the perch were just nipping at the tail. I moved along trying other coloured grubs and small fishhunter shads and managed to get into a little more action resulting in a confident perch taking a chartreuse flash grub.   

The first Perch of the day,
I kept getting interest for a good 15min before it went quiet, so I walked further down and started flicking the grub along the far side towards some overhanging shrubs and vegetation. on the third cast I managed to get another perch roughly the same size as the first, this one fell for a pink grub, sadly as the grass was at a steep angle I didn't faff around getting a picture just unhooked the perch and released it back into the water.  

Now at this stage its around 08:45 and I am starting to think of getting back home as the sun was rising and with a nice warmth to it. I had a dabble at on a stretch that usually guarantees a pike for me, I clipped on a orange AGM twintail grub as I had caught a small jack last Saturday on a local reservoir with a chartreuse flash, hoping that any pike around will also take a fancy to one. After a few casts catching onto the pads and other aquatic vegetation, I managed to get the lure in a clear area and with the fist turn of the handle it all felt solid and decided to pull back and bolt out into the open. after a good few lunges of freedom the pike was n the net, as I was getting the camera ready I asked a passer by for a little assistance with taking a photo and although the originals were not what I want, I have edited & cropped them down to a more better size and clearer image. You'll have to accept my apologies for the pike being covered in dead grass, it decided to do a death roll on the mat and onto the grass as I was chinning it whilst at the same time showing the passer by which button to press for the camera to take a picture. I never managed to get the scales out but i estimate this one to be around 6lb any other guesstimates are welcome.

A pike

That was it for the day, i never had another follow or take, a couple of boaters has passed through as I was working my way back up to where I started, I stopped off at the local butchers for a scotch egg when I got back into town and managed to get back home by around 11:45am a quick bite and drink and a bad headache came, I flopped on top of my bed for a couple hours of sleep until this headache simmers away.

All in all I good few hours well spent,

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