Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pike vs a Fox Replicant

A quick session with Ian resulted with us on the banks of the R.Trent casting the heavier lures again, I myself was using the 40g-100g butch light I recently christened in the previous post. There was wind with a cold chill to it blowing upstream and a bit of wave on the water. This did not put us off fishing, it did however make our session shorter as we didn't want to spend no more than a couple hours out fishing.

Yesterday I got my first Fox Rage Replicant lure, I chose a 7'' model weighing 90g with a trout colour/pattern since Gerrys didn't have the colour I originally wanted (Firetiger). I chopped the top single hook after hearing reports and reading the actual report of the hook piercing through the top if the pikes mouth and straight through the eye. Eric's post can be found by clicking HERE. After a couple of PMs sent to a fellow LAS member, I was reassured that the hook up wouldn't be affected by me chopping the single hook saying that most of the fish he has had have totally engulfed the lure. He was certainly right, after spending about four minutes at the first swim I managed to hook into a Jack, despite the fish being no more than 4lb the whole lure was swallowed whole. I have say I am pleased that I chopped the single hook yesterday, otherwise I think it would be awkward to unhook the lure from the fishes jaws. I'm pleased to say the Fox Replicants will be kept in the bucket. Whilst feeling soft they are also appear to be quiet durable I'm sure any tears or teeth marks can be welded with a flame, hot knife, good ventilation, and a steady hand.


After moving downstream a further 30 or so paces, me and Ian decided that the weather is getting the better of us, we decided to stop at the first swim where I managed the pike, a few minutes later Ian managed to connect onto a fish, but sadly it shook free as I grabbed at the net. We spent a further few more minutes there just for any last bits of interest. by around 6.50pm we decided to wrap up and head back to the car. 

All in all a few hours nicely spent.

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