Sunday, 15 December 2013

Three shires Christmas fish-in,

Well after a blank spree being spent alone down on the 'cut', I managed to get a fish at a LAS regional chapters fish in which made a nice change.

Ian & I arrived at the venue to meet with Pete and the lads for around 0815hrs and we all began fishing for around 0900hrs. I started off using a savage gear deviator and immediately had interest from a fish which missed at hitting the lure, I quickly swap over to a freestyler and WHACK! the fish is on. 

5.5lb Esox
Inhaled the lure (although easy enough to get out once the rear hook is snipped)

After having no signs of life from working lures from peg to peg we both got to the other side of the fishery for just around lunch, Ian stopped and had a cast or two around a area with trees and reeds lining the edge of the water, within a few minutes he calls me over as he's onto a fish.

Ian's fish
 Apart from Ian missing a couple of knocks that was it for the rest of the afternoon, by 2:45pm I had enough & wanted out of the cold wind that was blowing around. Thankfully Ian was also heading to the car wanting the same thing, by just around 3:00pm everyone gathered round in the shop for final results and prize givings, after that me and Ian wished everyone the best for Christmas and the new year.

A few of the chapter lads.

I have no idea on if I am to get another session sorted until after Christmas, I might try and and get a solo venture down on the canal but I have doubts with stuff needing to be done back home before Farther Christmas comes.



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