Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review of the Snowbee Slingbag

Overall I've had probably two, three, maybe four sessions using the Snowbee Slingbag, and already it is becoming a firm favourite for when I'm out with the lure rod.

Upon first impressions, my thoughts were that it would be to small and possibly a hinder with the way the straps are positioned, however those thoughts went straight out the window since then as bag has enough room to hold all the stuff comfortably that  I'd  need for a days session on a local water.

The material of the bag feels very good & appears to be waterproof (I'm yet to have a soggy sandwich & damp packet of crisps). The stitching appears to be well done and at the same time strong. The main strap is comfortable and doesn't dig in to the shoulders, the clips are made of tough plastic and are smooth when released or inserted.

My lunch & compact camera fits in the top compartment of the bag with a bottle of juice/water in the mesh pouch on the bottom. My boxes of lures, unhooking tools/cutters, and rig/leader making kit are all in the main compartment, with possibly some space left for a flask for those of us that want a warm brew. Lastly the small pouch on the front of the slingbag houses my first aid kit should the need arise.

The service from Harris Sports Mail is top notch, the processing of my order was swiftly dealt with and by next day the bag was in the hands of Royal Mail upon the morning of the second day if my order being in transit I had received the bag safe and sound.

Overall I'll give the slingbag a 5 stars,



  1. Ayup Alex, Nice bag, plenty of room for the ginsters pastys ;)
    I like the look of your jacket. Have you got a link for it?
    I was going for one of these> but all sold out (

    Catch up with you as soon as we have better fishing conditions
    Cheers Daz

  2. Hey Dazz,

    Yeah the weather, fishing & conditions are utter rubbish, I've not seen a fish for myself for a while now. Jacket wise - don't know, I got it as a gift from my name partner. I guess you're on the hunt for a new jacket? Have a look at the German army parka some even come with a quilted liner for those clilly days.

  3. Good review, I notice you there is no unhooking mat in your pictures. Is there anything on the bag you can strap a mat to. Really liking the look of this bag but want to be able to easily attach a mat to it.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the reply, as a bit of reassurance for you.. I do carry a unhooking mat and landing net on all my sessions out. Obviously the don't appear in these pictures as they are resting on the reeds to my left.

      If you don't keep the mat rolled up in the net as I do but would to prefer to attach it to the bag you can see a couple of 'D' rings just above where the bottle is. A karabiner attached to the mat and then clipped onto this is the apprach I would take but sometimes it can be a hinder as you swing the bag around to your front.

      I hope it makes sense?