Monday, 26 May 2014

Slow start but fantastic finish.

Up until today my fishing has so far, been very very difficult with most if not all my sessions ending in a blank.

Today the fishing started slow, well for me at least as Ian managed a jack not long after we'd started. The conditions were humid with a little warm breeze and a few showers being forecast for around mid afternoon. Throughout most of the morning I'd not had a sniff nor take, I did have a small jack burst out from under some pads to check the frog out I was using, but it didn't seem that tempted to have a strike for it. It wasn't until after lunchtime I started to see some action. we had covered a good chunk of the water so far and now we made it to where the water was slightly shallower with more aquatic vegetation. I swapped from my wooden swimbait to the frog I used earlier, and after the second cast I had a fish whack it. at that moment my heart slowly began to crawl up to my throat, I gave another few casts that resulted in another few takes. and a small jack creeping out in the open from under the pads Without letting the adrenaline rush cloud my mind and concentration,  I tried to temping it by working the lure near it but like the one this morning it didn't want to play. Determind to bank a fish I gave it another go, with several more hits to follow. With a better understanding of the frog and the fish, I continued casting in the area and as the frog paused in a small opening amongst the pads, I had a more gentler take from a fish, and as took a breath I struck & I felt a bit of weight on the end of my line. Success! I had managed to hook a jack, small but welcome as its the first to christen the rod 'n' reel and at the same time a first on the frog.

After another half hour pottering around this area me and Ian decided to move on,  we stopped and fish another area and it wasn't long before I got some more action. result in another slightly bigger fish fall to a frog. 

Ian managed a couple of good takes but all sadly missed, by that time the rain started to come down a little heavier and we decided to call it a day. I haven't had a brace of a couple fish for a good while now, it has put my confidence up and also given me something to smile about.

Roll on next session,


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  1. Nice update Alex, keep them coming....