Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A few hours, a trio of fish and a whole lot learnt.

With the forecast for yesterday afternoon looking 'not so dry' I though having a few hours down on the cut before the weather hits wouldn't go amiss. It'll give me that chance to get my new baits wet and also the chance to try the citrix & shinjin out that I got a short time back. Originally the Citrix was going to replace the Abu 5501 I had for my 100g butch light, but another opportunity rose where I was offered a Curado 301e with a bigger line capacity than the average baitcaster reel so I took that up. Anyway enough of my ramblings and back to the fishing....
It started off slow with only a few backlashes with the reel, but it didn't take long for my thumb to know what it was suppose to do (feathering the spool on a cast) whilst I was getting more accurate after each cast. I did struggle with anything around 7g but that'll be gotten to another time. For now I was only using my little alphabets and lipless baits that arrived back from Mark Houghton after being sprayed and coated with epoxy.

The Alphabets

The Lipless
The first sign of fish was to be in a small shoal of tiny perch following the alphabet I had on, the small perch must of been about the size of the bait itself! but it looked promising as what ever I was doing seemed to interest the perch as I had several more follows from tiny fish. I wasn't until I swapped to one of the lipless, I began to have takes and yet even more follows. With a few missed takes I looked to my west and saw the clouds that were heading this way, I though to myself ''these must be the clouds that would be bringing the rain for the afternoon'' so I started to consider in having an extra hour before packing up. at that moment I had a follow from a good perch (I'd say easily a 2lber) that looked confident it taking the lipless, here I am thinking this'll be a big perch that I've had in a while, but a pair of cyclists rode passed and spooked the bugger.      

still I carried on determined to have a fish and it wasn't long before I got a small perch.  

A few pegs down saw me with another perch

And on my last peg before I packed up saw me with a little jack. 

All in all a good few hours well spent, managed my first perch on a lipless bait & enjoyed learning and using the shinjin and citrix with lighter lures and I even managed to miss the rain, as the clouds kept to my right. Hopefully should be out again with Ian in next couple of days.



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