Monday, 23 June 2014

PB on the blade baits

Fished the R.Thames back on Saturday with the LAS.
Apart from being attacked constantly by horse flies during the morning, and then discovering at lunch my pasty I had left underneath the car to keep cool had been eaten. I pretty much had a enjoyable day, the weather was an improvement from out last visit, and I believe everyone caught. 

When we started and everyone's attention was focused on the water, something in a field behind us caught my attention and it turned out to be a barn owl hunting for breakfast (mouse),  it was one of them moments where I just wish I'd have taken the bridge camera rather than my compact. The fishing for me was slow, I only managed the one fish by around 10:25am which in turn becomes a welcome PB. The fish nailed the copper blade bait that I was working in the margins on my left, it gave a good scrap too. 

New PB chub at 1.5lb
After watching the barn owl I was inspired to have a play with the bridge yesterday, although I never strayed further than my back yard I did get a very nice macro picture of a common garden spider, after a little play with picasa was very pleased with the end result, I just hope that none of you readers are arachnophobic.


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